Trolley-Set COSMO
designed in Germany
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L / XL
XS hand luggage (COSMO XS)
Expandable zipper (COSMO L / COSMO XL)
Smooth running wheels (COSMO XS)
Smooth running twin wheels (COSMO L / COSMO XL)
360° degree turning wheels
Protection cover
Packing divider
3-digit combination lock
good quality lockable trolley system
COSMO makes Cora a cosmopolitan.

Trolley-Set COSMO white 3-pcs. 56-2210581

  • exclusive equipment and design
  • good quality lockable trolley system
  • packing on both levels
  • with long dividers and mesh pockets on the inside
  • each trolley with a protection cover
  • 4 wheels - 360° degree turning
  • twin wheels for size L + XL
  • with expandable zipper for trolley sizes L + XL to reach 10% more packing volume
  • incl. 3-digit combination lock

XS   approx. 55 x 38 x 20 cm    29 L    2.7 Kg
L   approx. 67 x 45 x 27 cm    72 L    4.4 Kg
XL   approx. 75 x 52 x 31 cm    110 L    5.3 Kg

Material: robust ABS / polycarbonate material mix robust ABS / polycarbonate material mix
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More Colours:
56-2210580: black