Material - CHECK.IN


Art. 2220332


ABS is a typical suitcase material. It is considerably cheaper than polycarbonate in production but has similar advantages. The most significant features of a hardside suitcase made of ABS are impact resistance and high sturdiness. The matt finished surface is very scratch- and fingerprint resistant. Even rainy weather cannot spoil the holiday mood of an ABS hardside suitcase!
Art. 2210516-5


The inner shell of these suitcases is made of ABS. The outer part is coated with a polycarbonate film, which provides the ABS suitcases with a shiny surface. Thanks to this two layer technique, even high gloss prints in many different colours can be realised.

Art. 2280640


Aluminium suitcases do not just look fabulous, they are also robust and nearly unbreakable. Additional framings at the edges strengthen the sturdiness. Aluminium suitcases offer the best protection against external influences such as shocks and moisture, because aluminium is very resistant to corrosion. That is why we recommend our all-purpose suitcases to professionals such as hairdressers, make up artists, and nail designers.
Art. 2210841


Our softside suitcases made of elastic Makrolon® polycarbonate are particularly shockproof. The high surface density results from the material being made up of three layers. Furthermore, these trolleys score with their low empty weight and resilience. These suitcases are virtually immune to stress whitening. For frequent fliers, a suitcase made of this material is a long-lasting and robust investment.

Art. 2210650


PET is a thermoplastic material which is also used for plastic bottles. Our PET suitcases are lightweights and particularly suitable for flights. The material is regarded as very robust and flexible. You do not have to worry if you bump into something. The elastic surface prevents damages and cracks. Even a dented corner can easily be pushed back into its original form.
Art. 2210714


Softside trolleys made of polyester have a low own weight and are therefore perfectly suited for hand luggage on flights. Another advantage over hardside cases is the following: the flexible material expands in case you have more luggage than anticipated. Softside suitcases are also ideal companions for trips by bus and car as they are not as rigid as hardside trolleys in the luggage compartment. Moreover, the CHECK.IN softside luggage has many zipper pockets on the front for tickets and guidebooks.